While birth control is often the source of heated controversy, we believe that it centers on each woman’s individual choice. Our goal is to provide the women of Hampton Roads with birth control options that suit their unique lives while promoting optimal health. Birth control should help you accomplish the life you envision for yourself and your family.


The variety of birth control currently available can be overwhelming. At Women First, our goal is to work closely with each of our patients to help them find ideal birth control options for their lives and future goals. We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to birth control, rather we are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and reliable solution for your unique life.

Dr. Corney is passionate about helping women find the birth control that conforms to them, and not the other way around. Our office is dedicated to seeking out the best options for women of today.


The wrong type of birth control can negatively affect your emotional and physical health. As a woman, Dr. Corney is empathetic to the unique needs of her patients. She also knows that birth control can be effectively used in the treatment of numerous conditions such as heavy or painful periods and hormonal imbalances. If you are seeking a solution to any of these problems, NOVASURE is a safe, one-time procedure offered by Dr. Corney that eliminates painful symptoms associated with your period and removes the need for continuous medications.


At Women First we passionate about patient care and provide each individual with a safe and secure environment. We know the challenges that women face today, and our goal is to make sure that birth control is one thing you can stop worrying about.

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