Considering Liposuction? Here’s What You Need to Know

No matter how diligently you exercise and diet, chances are that pockets of fat still remain in areas such as your abdomen and thighs. This fat can’t be wished or worked away, and it lingers even when you’ve reached your goal weight.

Traditional weight loss methods help you reduce your overall size and pounds on the scale, but the results don’t always conform to your aesthetic goals. You can lose weight, but you can’t choose the exact areas of your body that will lose the fat. 

This is where liposuction is of such value. This fat-reduction technique gives you the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Women’s First GYN in Chesapeake, Virginia, board-certified OB/GYN Margie Corney, MD, FACOG, knows how to help women achieve their health and aesthetic goals. When you want to contour your body so you feel confident and beautiful, we’re here to assist.

When you’re considering liposuction, here’s what you should know.

Fat is fierce

Liposuction ranks as one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year in the United States. A major reason it’s so popular is because fat is a formidable foe. Many forces dictate where and how much fat your body stores, starting with simple biology.

When it comes to fat, gender makes a difference. Women are biologically wired to carry more fat around their reproductive organs, in areas like their bellies, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Men, on the other hand, store extra fat in their bellies alone.

A woman’s fat storage tendencies are further driven by age and hormones. If you’re a woman and you’ve passed through menopause, you quickly realize that the loss of hormones leads to stubborn belly fat. 

Genetics plays a role, too. If your mom or grandma has a propensity for large hips, the odds are that you will, too.

Liposuction offers a solution

Liposuction is so effective because it bypasses these biological and genetic directives and tackles your stubborn fat directly. 

Using the latest advanced laser liposuction technology, Smartlipo® Triplex®, Dr. Corney makes ultra-small incisions in the designated treatment area. She then uses specialized tools that loosen and suction out your fat. 

Smartlipo also includes laser technology that firms and tightens skin along with the fat reduction, leaving your body contoured and sleek. 

Liposuction is typically performed on an out-patient basis, so once you’ve come out of sedation, we send you home with complete aftercare instructions. We will likely supply you with a compression garment, which helps with swelling. We may also place drains that will eliminate any excess fluid or blood.

You notice results right away, and they only refine with time. As your body recovers, swelling decreases, and your skin resettles itself over your new form. That’s when you see a slimmer, more streamlined you. 

A benefit of Smartlipo is that it requires only minimal downtime. Most women head back to work in a day or two. 

A permanent solution

Your fantastic results are yours to maintain for the long-term. The fat removed with liposuction is gone for good, but remaining fat cells do have the potential to swell if you gain excess weight. Our best advice for your physique and overall health is to keep up with a good diet and exercise regimen. 

And, if you’re not sure liposuction is for you but you still desire reduction of fat in certain spots, talk to us about WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure®. This noninvasive procedure uses heat energy to literally melt away stubborn fat. 

Call Women’s First GYN today to set up an appointment to learn about all of your body contouring options, or use the online tool to schedule.

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