Considering Liposuction: We Answer All Your Questions

Year after year, liposuction holds one of the top three spots in the United States among cosmetic surgical procedures, helping more than a quarter-million men and women achieve the bodies of their dreams. And today’s liposuction harnesses the power of laser technology to improve the overall experience and your outcome.

At Women First GYN, under the expert direction of Dr. Margie Corney, we believe that our patients should look and feel great, inside and out. To that end, we provide a wide range of cosmetic procedures, and when it comes to tackling excess fat through liposuction, we offer the innovative Smartlipo® Triplex® system.

Here’s a look at all you need to know about how our Smartlipo system is helping both men and women achieve their body-shape goals.

Liposuction is great for both genders

Although we’re a female-oriented practice, our laser liposuction (lipo) services are great for both men and women, and we cater to both. Men and women carry fat very differently — for example, men tend to stash the excess pounds only around their bellies, while women are wired to store fat around their pelvic region, which means the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips. 

And for those problem areas that affect both genders, like the upper arms, Smartlipo is the ideal tool. In fact, wherever your problem areas lie, our Smartlipo system is likely up to the task.

Laser meets lipo

With traditional liposuction, doctors insert a device that vacuums out fat, but they first have to loosen the fat, which can be a disruptive process. With our Smartlipo Triplex system, we insert a small cannula into your tissue that delivers three different wavelengths of energy to essentially melt your fat, making it far easier for us to remove. 

Our innovative system comes with a patented Thermaguide™ temperature-sensing cannula to ensure that we deliver the right level of laser energy. As well, the cutting-edge system is also equipped with the SmartSense™ delivery system, which allows us to distribute precise energy for uniform results. 

Because of this minimally invasive approach to lipo, your downtime is reduced considerably — in fact, most of our patients resume normal activities after just two days. As well, your risks for bleeding and bruising are also greatly reduced thanks to Smartlipo’s innovative use of laser technology.

Laser lipo goes beyond fat

While our Smartlipo system is excellent for removing stubborn pockets of fat, it also encourages tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation. This means that your skin resettles itself far better over your newly shaped treatment areas. 

Better yet, this effect continues as our Smartlipo procedure signals your body to produce more collagen — the protein responsible for structural support in your skin. Over the months following your Smartlipo treatment, new collagen swoops in to ensure that your new, thinner profile is fully supported.

Your results are immediate and ongoing

Most of our patients benefit from one Smartlipo treatment (though we may recommend more if you want to tackle several different areas). And your results will begin to take shape in as little as a week after your procedure. 

Further, these results only get better as new collagen comes online and your body flushes out leftover destroyed fat. Over the next 3-6 months, you should expect to see more improvements as your dream body slowly emerges.

If you’d like to reshape your body with our innovative Smartlipo system, please give our office in Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, a call at 757-645-0294 to get started, or you can complete the Contact Us feature here on our website.

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